Onward into the heart of #Tuscany…the family’s journey continues…

The familio now united and eager to get on the road, offer up a brief synopsis of their drive from Bergamo, Lombardy to Montepulciano, Tuscany. 

After two days of r & r feeling rejuvenated, and in high spirits I can safely say we were ready to tackle the next leg of our family adventure: Tuscany. Or so I thought as Dom rudely shook me awake only to find Danilo Sr pacing as he does at the crack of dawn. But one thing his incessant pacing did achieve was the ability to get us all out of bed, into the shower and packed into the van in record time while I negotiated yet another hangover morning. And with the whole family finally bundled into the van we were off leaving behind the memories of our trip from Africa to Italy. (But if you would like to be brought up to speed…).

Leaving the confines of sleepy Nembro saw the countryside open up dotted with old farmhouses and stables dating back to a time whereupon observation things appeared simpler and peaceful, if the medieval times could be considered peaceful that is. But today it’s littered with industry, atypical of northern Italy and crossing the old iron bridge in Cremona over the historic River PO saw us traverse the natural border between the regions of Lombardy and Emilia – Romagna. Shortly afterward the landscape changed once again to numerous planted rows of hibernating trees and iced over rivers that coupled with the perpetual grey skies of winter left the heart feeling withered yet exhilarated.

And although the towns of Piacenza, Parma, Modena, and Bologna were passed in a furious blur, not forgetting the drive over the precarious Futa pass, we had finally made it to the early reaches of Tuscany. But it didn’t end there as we passed through yet countless tunnels and passes that traverse the natural barrier that is considered the backbone of Italy: the Apennines Mountain Range. Or as our self proclaimed tour guide Danilo Sr pointed out: the mini version of the Alps. But not long after that we were in Tuscany and although it did seem a smidgen similar to how it’s portrayed in the media feeds it still doesn’t even compare till you’re there in the flesh. The rolling hills each with its own villa and/ or castle or village atop are just about everywhere and with the numerous vineyards and olive groves, fir trees and hilltop walled cities it was in a word breathless. And was exactly what we all needed.

Taking the turn off at Chianciano our journey had finally come to an end. The drive itself though was roughly 400 km not far by African standards, but fast and furious as only Italian drivers can race on the impressive yet frightening Autostrada route A1.  And there it was shifting in the late afternoon sun and situated at the farthest reaches of our Tuscan adventure: Montepulciano. A beautifully preserved medieval city perched on the side of a hill overlooking the great expanse of the Tuscan valleys and the start to yet another adventure.

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#Montepulciano; Where the wine flows freely and the morning mist is broken with a medieval smile.

This part of our trip took place on the 18th of December 2013

By Slippery Joe Lyzard © (Writer for Nomadic Existence)

Photography: Nomadic Bug © 

Nomadic Existence 2015 ©

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