The Great Nomadic Mascot Hunt.

Since the inception of our website/ blog we here at the Nomadic Existence have been dying to find a mascot that encompassed the ethos of our endeavour. To explore, conserve and discover.

But how to go about? Well, like most great ideas the first one is generally the best one. And after looking at what our options were decided on one that we believe you’ll just absolutely adore. And most definitely fits our ethos.

It had all started on a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was out the wind was down and our hunting gear was packed. Well if you consider your wits, ambition and can do spirit “hunting gear” then I guess we had all the ingredients to finding our mascot. Or so we thought.

For as far as mascot hunting goes we were quite the novices and had no idea where to start. But concluded that a flea market, unlike a conventional mall or boutique store, would have a better repertoire of mascot material for us to rummage through and be a lot more cost effective. And as far as budgets go, well let’s just say we’re always kind of cash strapped.

The task though of finding our mascot was anything but easy. For little did we realise, when we approached the Milnerton flea market, the sheer number of stand owners present. They had everything, from car parts to home fittings, electronics and what most people would consider junk. But as the old proverb of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure goes we considered ourselves to be in mascot hunting heaven.

And after an hour or so our luck began to change. They were everywhere, under stands on top of tables, stacked up into towers and hidden behind piles of “treasure”. And it was fast becoming clear that we needed to exercise a lesson in trimming the fat. We had up until then engorged ourselves on way too many candidates and needed to, by process of elimination, narrow our options down.

It was not easy until we came across our last stand of the day. He had exactly what we wanted but proved to be quite the adamant chap. And haggling was not my forte as I unsuccessfully tried to drive down his steep prices. It did seem as though he could smell the desperation while I took a quick break to collect my thoughts and calm myself down. But finally after having slugged it out for awhile we walked away more than happy with not one but two mascots and had managed at the very least to get a little shaved off the full price.

And now with our mascot in hand and a backup in the other to keep him motivated we left the market satisfied that we had made the right choice. However, and upon exiting the dusty parking lot another old world proverb crept into our collective conscience. That if you’ve ever been on any great hunt to speak of you’ll know it’s in the search, and not the price. Unless the prize is of equal measure then one could be considered lucky.

Still confused as to what our mascot is?

Watch this space for its proper introduction coming soon.

Or if you’d prefer, you could guess what it is with this clue:

What does an elephant have that we now have as well?

Answer next post!!!

By Slippery Joe Lyzard © (Writer for Nomadic Existence)

Photography: Nomadic Bug © 

Nomadic Existence 2015 ©

 Explore. Conserve. Discover.


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