Fun things to do this summer in Cape Town: #Live in Cape Town

Not to boast but living in Cape Town is pretty awesome. What with all modern amenities and natural surroundings literally on your doorstep you could not ask for more. And if you had gone through our posts series Fun things to do this summer in Cape Town, you too would probably be in agreement with us. But not too worry you can also catch up, read up or at least scan over the previous 9 posts in order to bring yourself up to speed.

It should then become clear as to why we have decided to title (and dedicate) our last post for our Fun things to do this summer in Cape Town series  “live in Cape Town”. I mean after all the activities we did, why would you not want to enjoy it and live close to the action as well. We did, and you should too, but to be honest the list is extensive and is , even for a local, a figurative and literal Table Mountain to climb. I mean we could barely see the summit with the sheer number of tourist and the off the beaten track style activities Cape Town has too offer. Not too worry though, do what you can and to make it a little bit more challenging we have decided to leave you with a list of activities we wanted to do but just couldn’t fit into our top ten.

However, no excursion here at the Nomadic Existence trumps one or the other, its just that some fell into our lap while others we actively pursued. So check out our list below along with our posts and then make your own list of Fun things to do in Cape Town.

Sadly though winter is on its way and summer is still 9 months away, but fortunately for you most if not all these activities can be done in the winter months as well (maybe try one a month building up to the summer). And after having been a local for the better part of 9 months then living in Cape Town  would essentially have been your first Fun thing to do  in Cape Town. Not a bad idea, eh?

So plan ahead, save, book your ticket and trust us when we say you will not be disappointed.

Below is our list of activities for next summer (or winter) in Cape Town.

Outdoor activities:(to be honest most if not all activities in Cape Town are outdoors, I mean you have to first step out of your place, right?)

NE fun main top

Feel free to add to our list or make your own and submit it to us for addition onto this post. Be daring and tell us about an activity no -else has ever heard about or is not fashionable at the moment.

Some ideas were inspired by this great website/ blog and us of course.

We are in no way affiliated, sponsored and/ or paid by the business concerns contained within our links. We are just directing you to the people who can make it happen for you.

By Slippery Joe Lyzard © (Writer for Nomadic Existence)

Photography: Nomadic Bug © 

Nomadic Existence 2015 ©

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