“The only reason to live is to travel, the only reason to travel is to learn how to live” – Brad Lau 

Perhaps you long to encounter snake charmers, get lost down Venetian alleyways or trudge through jungles in search of ancient ruins.

If so, then there’s always one extra seat on the bus as we climb, stumble, bargain and crawl our way through explorations chasing down adventure.

So come along for the ride by following us as we face perils and celebrate conquests on our escapades.



the Nomads


The Slippery Lyzard

Slippery Joe Lyzard

A slippery character by nature
preferring the shade of a rock
over the bright flash of press cameras.
He primarily contributes
all the written works to this blog
along with the occasional photograph
or two.


Nomadic Bug

Fascinated by the natural world
and the people who inhabit it.
The Bug’s greatest enjoyment comes
from being flung into precarious
and interesting situations
while in uncharted territories,
where she is able to capture the moment
within the madness.