In some circles the title above could be misinterpreted to being a chant of adulation for the King of Rock & Roll; the one and only Elvis. But this past Monday the chants were for an actual King akin to a character in fairy-tale read to you by your parents as a child.

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Cape Agulhas is a landmark that’s a bit of both. Firstly it’s a natural Cape jutting out into the ocean and secondly, in an effort to promote it’s geographic placement, has a man –made marker placed on it. So naturally we will kick off our posts with the best of both worlds. Read More

Landmarks are one of two things, either they’re a natural wonder of the world formed by the powers that be or they’re man – made created to serve as a testament to a particular event in history.

But in reality landmarks – natural or man-made – are just one thing. A guiding light in times of darkness, a reminder if you will, when lost can help show the way. (And with a little help not repeat the same mistake twice).

So in an effort to show our appreciation of landmarks we travelled a little bit across our beautiful country, South Africa, in order to give them their just rewards.


The southern-most landmark: Cape Agulhas

The deepest landmark: Kimberly’s big hole

A man-made landmark: Ronnies sex Shop

The forgotten landmark: Green Market Square Fountain

A naturally wonderful landmark: Table Mountain

By Slippery Joe Lyzard © (Writer for Nomadic Existence)

Photography: Nomadic Bug © 

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Welcome to Amsterdam!

Sunny beautiful Dam Square in Amsterdam is a magical place. Where you can and will, more often than not, find all sorts of performers flaunting their talents for a couple of coins. But if the old buildings lining the square could talk I’m sure the stories they would tell of the human will to express their lot in life in public would be all the more fascinating. And the 4th of April was no exception, known unofficially as International Pillow Fight day; and was to be another example of people exercising their right to express themselves on a public space that I’m sure even those old buildings could appreciate as innovative.

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Not to boast but living in Cape Town is pretty awesome. What with all modern amenities and natural surroundings literally on your doorstep you could not ask for more. And if you had gone through our posts series Fun things to do this summer in Cape Town, you too would probably be in agreement with us. But not too worry you can also catch up, read up or at least scan over the previous 9 posts in order to bring yourself up to speed.

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Going on a township tour is generally not something most Capetonians would consider doing.  I could put it down to just plain ignorance, but it’s probably more a case of the negativity associated with the history of the townships. But what most don’t seem to realise is the culture and the sense of community that resides within a township, is something you will (generally speaking) not find in most of Cape Town’s more affluent suburbs. And a township tour is by far one of the best ways to immerse yourself and reconnect you with our past in a positive way.

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Not like the 80’s classic as sung by Kylie Minouge. But rather on an actual steam locomotive, refurbished and ready to take you on probably one of the most scenic routes you can do up & down the Cape peninsula. It would prove to be an experience the Nomadic team could only have had by befriending ole Jenny.

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Oh, what to do when the sun is up, the weekend is upon us and the temperature is a fierce mild. Well other than partaking in a very popular Capetonian pastime of talking about the weather. We here at the Nomadic team decided to rather partake in something a lot of Capetonians are talking about as well: Local Markets.

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Mzoli's place

After our #MASCOT’s ADVENTURES around #Cape Town’s many STUNNING #TOURISTHOTSPOTS, Nomadic Existence would like YOU to join in the FUN!!

Send us the #funniest/weirdest or most epic PICTURE of yourself at any of our mascot’s FAVOURITE spots in CAPE TOWN to #WIN a NOMADIC EXISTENCE SURVIVAL KIT for your next #EXPLORATION into the unknown……….

Chose any of our mascot’s 7 favourite TOURIST HOTSPOTS in Cape Town

Then once done you can send your picture along with your name and contact details to:

Please put your name and the title “the Se7en Wonders of the Mascot Hunt” in the subject line.

Competition entries must be submitted no later than Wednesday the 4th March  2015

Winner to be announced on Thursday the 5th of March 2015

Nomadic Existence 2015 ©

 Explore. Conserve. Discover.

Viticulture, the art of winemaking is a fascinating craft and according to historians dates back thousands of years in human existence. But just how did primitive man stumble across fermented grapes, eat them and enjoy the warm feeling of drunkenness? Well pretty much just like that, and over thousands of years spawned itself into what we know and love today wine farms and yes, wine tastings.

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