The Nomadic Existence team went on a crusade to the We are One festival of colour in Cape Town with one goal in mind: to have a life changing experience.

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After attending their first AfrikaBurn the Nomadic Existence team reflect on their experiences in a way that hopefully inspires you to get involved.

As my attachment to urban life begins to wane, so too does my apprehension to roughing it out in the middle of the Karoo.”

No truer words could have been spoken as we took a leisurely Sunday stroll through a desert storm. We knew we needed to find cover and soon stumbled across what looked like an abandoned World War 2 troop carrier. It was the perfect refuge as we sipped on our last few bottles of cider watching the storm whip over our heads. A short while later we noticed an ungainly group of fellow travellers emerging from the dust cloud.  So naturally we invited them to come share in our shelter and our sweet treats. And as we all sat there in each others company on the back of an abandoned truck in the middle of the Karoo as the desert storm tore up the landscape I realised something, this was a story waiting to be told and could only be told if you found yourself at AfrikaBurn.

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