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The pride and joy of Capetonians far and wide, Table Mountain is undeniably a landmark you couldn’t possibly miss. It is the city and is the foremost source of inspiration and pleasure most locals and foreigners alike draw on. Cape Town exists because of this and Table Mountain knows it. There are not a lot of places in the world that can boast such a natural wonder on their doorstep and this… Read More

Cape Agulhas is a landmark that’s a bit of both. Firstly it’s a natural Cape jutting out into the ocean and secondly, in an effort to promote it’s geographic placement, has a man –made marker placed on it. So naturally we will kick off our posts with the best of both worlds.

#Once…upon a time: We were tourists in our own city. And as funny as it may sound you could say that it was purely an exercise in doing something most locals never do, let alone think of doing. And even though we could’ve come up with a million reasons as to why we should; such as keeping the everyday city humdrum at bay. It was in its simplest form a question of;… Read More

Surprisingly for a lot of tourists and locals alike this isn’t as obvious as it seems, with most just believing it to be a random name. That was quite possibly attributed to the fact it was at one point was inhabited by lions or that the first Dutch settlers just thought it appropriate to name it “Leeukop”. But irrespective of this little dilemma, the amount of activities and the views achieved while… Read More

Now before I even begin to tell you what a blast last Tuesday night’s Moonlight Mass was I have to be honest about something. It almost didn’t happen, not for the organisers but for us here at the Nomadic Existence team. It was initially a combination of after work tiredness and the wind chill but in the end we just couldn’t let you or ourselves down. So with much courage and with… Read More

Robben Island, the isolated chunk of earth nestled in the heart of Table Bay has a lot of stories to tell. The most notable being the incarceration of former South African president Nelson Mandela. But as prolific as Mandela’s story was, it had to some degree exposed the island’s turbulent past (since the arrival of Europeans to the Cape). And was in short the catalyst needed for the Nomadic Existence Team to ferry… Read More