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Keukenhof the “flower garden of Europe” is situated deep within the heart of the Tulip Bulb growing region near the town of Lisse, the Netherlands. It’s a far cry from the coffee shops and the red light districts, we had become accustomed to while living in Amsterdam. But is similarly a part of the more traditional side of Dutch culture namely cheese, clogs and of course tulips. And in saying so set… Read More

Our “company” now thoroughly exhausted after hiking the Drakensberg the day before left Bug and I no choice but to go it alone. Pity for they would be missing out on us conquering the next leg of our activities; hiking through the Royal Natal Park. Our  objective was to brave it all the way through to the foot of the Tugela Falls. All the while keeping an eye out for the mythical dragon.

It’s time for an overhaul. And some downtime. We here at the Nomadic Existence have decided that after nearly a year of sharing our travel experiences with you that we need to spruce things up  a bit around here. So that once our radio silence is finally broken we can share with you even more of our travel blogs on a, wait for it, new website! And that’s not the half of it for… Read More

After our #MASCOT’s ADVENTURES around #Cape Town’s many STUNNING #TOURISTHOTSPOTS, Nomadic Existence would like YOU to join in the FUN!! Send us the #funniest/weirdest or most epic PICTURE of yourself at any of our mascot’s FAVOURITE spots in CAPE TOWN to #WIN a NOMADIC EXISTENCE SURVIVAL KIT for your next #EXPLORATION into the unknown………. Chose any of our mascot’s 7 favourite TOURIST HOTSPOTS in Cape Town Then once done you can… Read More

Yes, it’s the silly season once again and you know what that means? No, not stuffing your belly and/or firing on all cylinders trying to get everyone a present last minute. No, it’s a time to reflect on yet another crazy year and yes, to do some travelling. And travelling is what we’re all about and it’s what we are going to be doing. And in the spirit of travelling we here… Read More

Spoiler alert: for travellers who would most like to find out these facts on their own, I would suggest then that you don’t read any further.  

Robben Island, the isolated chunk of earth nestled in the heart of Table Bay has a lot of stories to tell. The most notable being the incarceration of former South African president Nelson Mandela. But as prolific as Mandela’s story was, it had to some degree exposed the island’s turbulent past (since the arrival of Europeans to the Cape). And was in short the catalyst needed for the Nomadic Existence Team to ferry… Read More

This time round sees the Nomadic Existence team atop the Cederberg Mountain range without sunscreen or water and on the run from naked campers. It was in effect a lesson in roughing it out with your significant other.

The Nomadic Existence team takes on the Cape Town carnival in a way that can only be described as sacrilegious.

The Nomadic Existence team went on a crusade to the We are One festival of colour in Cape Town with one goal in mind: to have a life changing experience.