Nomadic Existence


Spoiler alert: for travellers who would most like to find out these facts on their own, I would suggest then that you don’t read any further.   Advertisements

Robben Island, the isolated chunk of earth nestled in the heart of Table Bay has a lot of stories to tell. The most notable being the incarceration of former South African president Nelson Mandela. But as prolific as Mandela’s story was, it had to some degree exposed the island’s turbulent past (since the arrival of Europeans to the Cape). And was in short the catalyst needed for the Nomadic Existence Team to ferry… Read More

This time round sees the Nomadic Existence team atop the Cederberg Mountain range without sunscreen or water and on the run from naked campers. It was in effect a lesson in roughing it out with your significant other.

The Nomadic Existence team takes on the Cape Town carnival in a way that can only be described as sacrilegious.

The Nomadic Existence team went on a crusade to the We are One festival of colour in Cape Town with one goal in mind: to have a life changing experience.

After attending their first AfrikaBurn the Nomadic Existence team reflect on their experiences in a way that hopefully inspires you to get involved. “As my attachment to urban life begins to wane, so too does my apprehension to roughing it out in the middle of the Karoo.” No truer words could have been spoken as we took a leisurely Sunday stroll through a desert storm. We knew we needed to find cover and soon stumbled… Read More