Nomadic Existence


Waiting five hours doing absolutely nothing might not sound like a great way to while away the morning. But if it means going to the Drakensberg Mountain Range for a five day holiday of adventure, relaxation and backpacking leisure. Well, then I think it’s safe to say it’s a sacrifice most would willingly do. Advertisements

Route 62 is a fine road. So fine its road signs have been adorned with their own unique flair reminiscent of the long haul highway signs in the American southwest. But apart from this Route 62 lives up its flair not just in its signs but also in its quaint roadside pit stops, villages and good old country hospitality. Of which many a local will gladly share be it in a story… Read More

Landmarks are one of two things, either they’re a natural wonder of the world formed by the powers that be or they’re man – made created to serve as a testament to a particular event in history. But in reality landmarks – natural or man-made – are just one thing. A guiding light in times of darkness, a reminder if you will, when lost can help show the way. (And with a… Read More